Punjab Congress asks Advani to halt Anti-corruption Rath Yatra

Chandigarh: With former chief minister of Karnataka, BS Yeddurappa arrested on corruption charges, Punjab congress have asked LK Advani to introspect over rampant corruption in states where BJP was in power.

Congress legislator from Bholath, Sukhpal Khaira in a communiqué stated that Advani had no moral right to pursue his Rath Yatra on the issue of corruption for the senior leader was running with the hare and hunting with the hound and amounted to adopting double standards.

The ‘yatra’ is be meaningless and hollow as the BJP has chosen to shield and protect corrupt leaders like Yeddurappa, who has been implicated by the special Lokayukta court, said Khaira.

The congress leader has asked the BJP leader also to introspect over his party’s alliance with Akali’s in Punjab for the Badal family is mired in several corruption tainted deals.

“Punjab is neck deep in corruption and is being ‘looted’ with both hands by the SAD-BJP. Only recently BJP ministers had to resign after being caught by the CBI taking bribe in their official residences, he said.

Should Advani’s ‘Rath-Yatra’ enter Punjab, it would be a mockery about the whole issue of corruption, he added.

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