Global warming makes new habitat for King Cobra

Dehar Dun : The impact of global warming is not only having an impact on the glaciers and the receding snow lone, but also on the flora and fauna. And even snakes are moving to higher altitudes as the temperatures are becoming more conducive to their survival.

King Cobra Photo by Anoop H

According to a project under taken by specialists of the Wildlife Institute of India here, the King Cobra, which was earlier last seen upto heights of 1700 metres, had now also made its habitat at heights of 1840 metres.

An indication that warming has changed the ecological factors to an extent, that the snake could now even survive and flourish at those heights.

The project states that earlier the king Cobra was seen at an altitude of 1700 metres in the north-east at Nagaland, which was the highest the reptile was seen at.

But the scientists undertaking the project now saw the snake at a height of 1840 metres at village near the Kanchenjunga Reserve in Sikkim.

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    🙂 What thanks Yaar Apni Jaan ko to Aafat aa Jaegi Na. This Creature Scare me like Hell I Get Bone Chilling Fear even just a sight of it.

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