Congress synonymous with corruption – Parkash Singh Badal

Ludhiana: Under fire from both opposition congress Punjab, chief minister Prakash Singh Badal lashed out at his opponents saying congress and corruption were synonymous as the UPA government at Delhi had pushed the country’s economy to the brink of disaster.

After attending a function here, the chief minister did not minch words to let reporters know, “congress had eaten away the entire democratic system through illegal and unlawful practices, paralyzing governance at all levels.”

He said, congress leaders are hand in glove with powerful and rich people, who have stashed away huge amounts of black money in banks in foreign countries.

“These funds could help the country to carry out large welfare schemes, should political will be there were bringing back this black money,” he said.

Badal also demanded a enacting of a stringent law for punishing those found guilty of evading taxes.

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