Rogue monkey bites many in Shimla

Shimla : After injuring several people in Shimla a hostile langur monkey is still at large in the streets, rooftops or treetops of the hill station—-nobody knows, even as wildlife officials looked in vain for the lone monkey in heavy rain and fog Thursday.

According to media reports the rogue monkey has bitten, clawed,slapped and terrorised at least ten people across Shimla in the last three days. One of the injured includes a councellor of the Shimla municipal corporation.

R.K.Singh a senior wildlife official said monkey catchers have been trying to capture the monkey since three days and will resume their efforts early Friday to trap the aggressive simian and could even shoot the animal.Even as local MLA Suresh Bharadwaj ordered wildlife officials to nab the black-faced monkey at the earliest.

Monkey and man fights are common in Shimla since the days of writer Rudyard Kipling who lived in the town for many years.

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