Kasauli to have a Natural History museum

Shimla: Kasauli, a cantonment town rich with British legacy, will have a new attraction in Geo Heritage museum, the foundation stone for which will be laid by chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal on Monday (Sept 12, 2011).

The Geo Heritage museum, along with a tourist reception centre and parking space would be developed at a cost of Rs 8.66 Cr, said Arun Sharma, director tourism.

“The museum at Kasauliis is to be based on the National Museum of Natural History, Washington, United States and would give a peep into the rich paleontological (fossil) wealth of the region as well as provide study material for Indian and international students of geology,” says PC Sharma, from National History Museum, Chandigarh.

A well preserved, diverse assemblage of flora and fauna has been located in and around Kasauli. The fossils found here testify that these hills were once inhabited by a large number of apes, tigers, elephants, hippos, giraffes, crocodiles and land tortoises.

These mammalian fossils have helped Paleontologists to solve the mysteries of the evolution of prehistoric life and deduce the details about the climate and environment during the Miocene Age.

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