Himachal for flexible MNREGA

Shimla : The Himachal Pradesh government on Wednesday urged a central committee to suitably modify provisions of MNREGA to local conditions of the hill state .

This was conveyed to a five member Rajya Sabha committee headed by Birender Baihya M . P. currently visiting the state .

“According to guidelines the budgetary provisions were being spent on 60 : 40 ratio on labour and material components , which required to be modified giving preference to labour component,” said the state chief minister P . K . Dhumal .

He said the modification in the provisions would benefit more people and help in getting work closer to their homes.

Dhumal told the central committee that wild animals , particularly monkeys were destroying farm crops on a large scale in the state due to which farmers had even started abandoning farming.

The state government had recommended to engage guards to protect farm land and standing crops . The proposal would be covered under labour component of the scheme and seasonal rural jobs would be created.

He welcomed the Center’s decision of providing Rs 25 lakh for the construction of panchayat bhawans under the scheme.

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