Himachal apple beats Chinese apple for the moment !

Shimla:Fears of Chinese apple being sold in India and bringing down the prices of Himachal apple has proved to be a false alarm, the Indian apple is fetching good prices while Chinese apple is selling at a loss,say traders.

With the output of Himachal apple expected to be far less than last year, traders imported higher quantities of Chinese apple and dumped it in cold stores of Mumbai, Chennai among other port cities.

Commission agents in Delhi’s Azadpur market say over 1000 containers of Fuji variety apple of China made its way into Indian shores.

But Indian consumers are only ready to pay Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 for each Chinese apple box while the fruit is costing importers between Rs 1200 to Rs 1400.

But at the same time the fresh and quality Himachal apple price is ranging between Rs 1200 to Rs 2200.

So far over 1500 containers of the Washington variety of apple from the United States has also been imported.This is costing around 2000 per box to the importer and is managing to fetch 2300 to Rs 2500 in the high end Indian market.

Only a few weeks ago there was a panic like situation in Himachal with the state government requesting the union government to raise import duty of Chinese apple which they said would affect prices of local apple.

The matter was also discussed in detail in the state assembly with a unnanimous resolution being passed asking for raising of import duty on apple.

Others say local apple is fetching better prices as it is very fresh.While the Chinese and American apple has been lying in cold stores for long.

Kashmir apple has also started to make its way into the local market now.The fresh Chinese apple starts finding its way into India by the end of the year.

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