CPM tells Himachal govt to streamline Shimla ISBT

Shimla : The Communist Party Marxist(CPM) has criticised the state government for opening the new ISBT in Shimla in haste and causing distress to commuters.

“The ISBT is still not connected from most of the places in the city,particularly early morning and late evening.As a result taxi drivers are charging very high fares as the authorities have not fixed any rates to different parts of the city,” said Sanjay Chauhan, CPM leader, Friday.

“Most of the buses arriving from outside are dropping the passangers midway on the cart road or by pass saying since they do not get parking place at the new ISBT where they are asked to report only 15 minutes before departure and no entry at the time of arrival,” said Chauhan.

“This is causing problems to passangers with heavy luggage as they have to remain on the deserted dark road for long and ultimately are fleeced by taxi drivers,” he said.

There is no proper place to eat at the new ISBT because no canteen facilities have been started by the bus stand management.

It is very inconvenient to bus drivers and conductors without proper rest rooms and places to eat after working for long hours. This may affect their efficiency and work.

“The government has acted in a hurry under presure from private party which has built and is now running the ISBT.

The CPM has demanded proper facilities like direct bus service to all localities in and around Shimla round the clock, eatery facilities at affordable prices be started and taxi rates be fixed.Besides the outstation buses should drop passangers at proper destinations.

“Failing this the party will launch an agitation with the people of Shimla,” Chauhan warned.

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