Film shot in Himachal to be screened at 68th Venice International Film Festival

Shimla: Upcoming director, Amit Dutta’s film ‘Sonchidi’, shot in Himachal Pradesh, will be among one of the few entries from India to be screened at 68th Venice International Film Festival that got underway on Wednesday.

A still from Sonchidi

Sonchidi, actor Nitin Goel tells us, is about two childhood friends who are now co-travelers and they visit their hometown, childhood memories and remember people from their past, on their voyage to look for a place which can free them from the cycle of birth and death. This voyage is a kind of a re-birth wherein they try and understand themselves.

Director Amit Dutta’s name is not new to Venice, particularly Orizzonti. His film Aadmi Ki Aurat Aur Anya Kahaniyaan won a special mention in the Orizzonti section in 2009, while his second film Nainsukh premiered at Venice last year in the same section.

Orizzonti is a section at the Venice International Film Festival dedicated to new currents in international cinema.

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  1. says: VIVEK MOHAN

    Some “consolation”(read ‘big deal’) for Himachal angle ! Mumbai born British filmmaker , Asif Kapadia , shot his much acclaimed(also U.K. official entry for the Oscars) “The Warrior” ‘ was shot mostly in Spiti Valley + Rajasthan … list is very long for films “shot” in Himachal …

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