CPI(M) demands scrapping of a private university

Shimla: The Communist Party of India (Marxists) have demanded scrapping of the Manav Bharti University Act after an inquiry team has found discrepancies in functioning of the new institution.

Quoting media reports, Tikender Panwar member secretariat CPI(M) said that an inquiry conducted by the education team is said to have stumbled upon that Manav Bharti University had admitted students in the language teacher course even before it was recognized as an university.

“This speaks much about the connivance of the university and government officials,” he said.

“Strangely admissions were made to the course in September 2009 where as the university was approved in November. Audacity of university promoters gives away the connivance it had with the state by taking it for granted that permission for opening a university was a foregone conclusion,” says Panwar.

The party alleges that the government was turning a blind eye towards the courses being advertised by this university as did not have the approval of competent authorities.

The government owes an explanation about hoodwinking the people over opening of private universities and playing with the academic future of the youth, he said.

CPI(M) has demanded that the government scrap the Manave Bharti University Act, forfeit the Rs 3 crore security amount and start proceeding to vest the land acquired with the state.

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