Shimla BSNL IPTV – Poor Service, Bad Service Provider

Shimla: Much like any public sector service provider BSNL’s IPTV service in Shimla is a very poor service that breaks down often and sometimes does not recover at all, leaving the viewer pulling his or her hair, especially if it is cliff hanger of a fast moving cricket match or a bone chilling thriller film.

BSNL had launched the service with much fanfare in the city claiming freedom from cable operators and a quality that would match DTH service providers.

Sadly it turns out to be only sour grapes.

BSNL is said to have outsourced this much hyped service to a private operator, who lack both professionalism and do not even honour their commitments here in Shimla city.

The package comes with a price tag of Rs 2050 which includes a refundable security amount and one needs to pay extra even if the service wire is longer than a permissible limit.

Firstly for availing IPTV itself, one needs to be a broadband service subscriber. The service is renewed by purchasing a scarcely available recharge coupon that needs to be fed through an online account.

What is even more offending is that on surrendering the service and closing the account, the service provider here in Shimla does not even honour his commitment of refunding the security amount.

So, good luck for all the IPTV subscribers. Beware.

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