Congress seeks Badal apology for supporting Modi

Chandigarh: Lashing out at chief minister Prakash Singh Badal for his show of solidarity with Gujarat chief minister Narinder Modi, congress has demanded an unconditional apology from Badal for lend support to the communal approach of his Gujarat counterpart.

In a communiqué, congress legislator Khaira said that the chief minister by urging people to follow the path of Modi was tantamount to instigating people to indulge in spreading communal hatred in the country.

It not only exposes the double standards of Badal but has also deeply hurt the feeling of minorities, he said.

The congress MLA from Bholanath has questioned the chief minister stance and asked for an explanation as to what was the difference between the innocent Muslims killed in the riots with Modi as the chief minister and innocent Sikhs killed in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.

Badal should also tender an apology to our Muslim brethren of Punjab, whom he has been misleading in the state, said Khaira.

He has also asked the chief minister whether he considered Sikhs to be a minority and had no concerns for other minorities such as Muslims and Christians.

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  1. says: bhupinder

    it is congres whoo played comunal card everywhere,,congres should 100 time apology for killing innocent sikh,bhindrawale was creation jail singh to countra the effect of akali,,modi is better these rogue who made indian totally pauper ,put whole money in swissbank,modi is new hope of indian nationalist forces,better to support modi, after doing 1000 scams, selling whole property of advasi,, congresi is bankrupting whole nation, they are ruling like pvt ltd party,now they are going tobe defeated in up,,soon,,better bring modi and eliminate corruption,bring discipline and build india a nation of patriot and declare india first world country

  2. says: PradeepR

    Yes, your “brethrens” beheaded Pakistan-based Sikhs in 2009 for not being able to pay Jiziya (tax on the infidels) and threw their skulls in a Gurudwara there. Your Congress organized a nationwide pogrom in which more than 2700 Sikh families perished. And your Pakistani “bretheren” General Niazi (who was defeated in Bangladesh was of 1971 by a valiant Sikh Indian army general J S Aurora) was made chairman of Pakistan Sikh Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee(PSGPC) to teach you a lesson and show you your place and you did not utter a word. Nowhere in the world there is an example like this. Who beleives you? Shame on you!

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