BJP dares congress to rake up Himachal land issues before High Court

Shimla: “Congress is adopting Adolf Hitler’s propaganda man Joesph Goebbels strategy by repeating a lie about a nonexistent land scam in the state till a time the people begin to believe it as a truth but we will not let that happen,” is how BJP on Monday fended the opposition charge that Himachal had been put up on sale by the government.

Talking to reporters, city legislator and a former BJP president Suresh Bhardwaj said, “the government has appointed a judicial commission for unearthing an illegal land deals that have taken place in the state, the institution of Lokayukta is there, but the congress has been shouting from rooftops about Himachal on sale, without bringing up any one case before the commission or the Lokayukta.”

He said that it was the congress government that enacted the HP Apartment Act in 2006 and by end of 2007, a total of 51 cases involving 2071 bighas of land had been permitted by the previous government.

In comparison, the BJP government in four years has only approved 11 cases involving 377 bighas of land, he added.
Reacting to state congress president Kaul Singh Thakur statement that the opposition would approach the High Court regarding the land scam in the state, Bhardwaj dared him to do so.

“We would only be too glad should the congress approach the court on this issue and it will let the people know as to who has been selling the states interests, he said.

About Bentony Castle, a private property located on The Mall Road, the city legislator said that government has initiated a move to acquire the prime property.

However, he added that it was a private property and one could not force the owners to sell it to the government.
He mentioned that the government was occupying Bentony Castle on rental basis, where it once even housed the police headquarters but had had to vacate in on orders from the Supreme Court.

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