All HP villages with 2000 population to have banks by March next year

Shimla : All villages with a population of 2000 and above in Himachal Pradesh will have banks by March 2012 , a top Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) official said here Friday .

“We have identified 48 villages without banks , each will have a bank branch by early next year ,” said R . Gurumurthy general manager RBI Shimla office .

“In the second phase 500 villages having 1000 population will be covered ,” he said .

“Even though the penetration of banks was much better than the national average which was 14,000 people per branch and 4,500 people per branch in Himachal, credit raising was a concern in the hill state ,” Gurumurthy told the Hill Post .

He said there was an RBI plan to spread bio-metric banking in Himachal through business correspondents(BC) by March next year .

“This high tech scheme will have the facility of mobile banking, besides BC’s will go to the doorstep of customers to collect money among other banking activities ,” he explained .

Gurumurthy said the RBI was receiving many complaints from individuals , trusts and other entities regarding fradulent communications by phone , email and snail mail.

These offers relate to fictitous offers , lottery offers , lottery prizes , remittance of cheap funds in foreign currency , overseas jobs and scholarships .

Such cases were on the rise across India and Himachal Pradesh . A lawyer from Rampur Bushahr had recently fallen into a trap of winning a lottery of Rs 7.8 crore and was asked to deposit Rs 38,000 online which he did and in the process lost his money .

The RBI has appealed to the public to be wary of such fraudulent offers and report such cases to the RBI and the police .

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