Dalhousie -100 bat ki ek baat

“I have also taken singing seriously,” whatsapps Nishu – as I call him by his nickname. Watching him on Starmaker^; self-assured with his melodies in a succession of pitches in rhythm, make it deep and trustworthy.

Born with a silver spoon in his mouth is a descendant of the Diwans of erstwhile Chamba State. Kumar Nagesh is wise and witty; outstanding in creative pursuits.   In him, I find a versatile person full of a diverse set of abilities, and interests. A man of conviction with inbuilt heaps of effort and determination. He drew my attention as a ‘Consultant Production Designer’, helping create the visual appearance of the # web film Aranyak (camouflaged DUOOND) casting Raveena Tandon.

  • Multifaceted people can be diverse in their interests, hobbies, skills, experiences, and other traits. Through a wide range of talents, passions, and intuition they approach challenges and opportunities from different angles. They can adjust to different environments and situations; and can excel in multiple areas.

Curious and eager to learn new things, juggling multiple Projects, Nagesh is one with a surprisingly sophisticated personality. Talking less & talking calmly, doing what he considers ‘right’ and not caring too much about others’ opinions.

Living happily and not complaining too much about life. He has many different virtues, interests, and qualities that make him unique and interesting.

Having a wide knowledge of the world, especially from his personal experience, he is a multifaceted individual pursuing diverse activities; excelling in so many.  Able to adapt to different situations and tasks, he is not limited to one specific area of expertise; can handle multiple tasks and responsibilities at the same time.

Multitasking does not necessarily mean all success. At the same time, it is also important to have a healthy work-life balance and not burn out.

  • Kumar prefers the silence of the night over the early hours of the morning; I guessed so on a visit early in the day. Perhaps that is what a lot of intelligent people do.

Open-minded, willing to consider new ideas and perspectives, and adjusting to changing circumstances, he is not rigid in his approach. Willing to learn, he is always looking to improve himself and acquire adeptness.

  • Of late, knowing about Nagesh’s motorbike venture aroused my curiosity. His team being pioneers in such outdoor activities in Himachal Pradesh, rent out motorbikes legally. Honesty, authenticity, and transparency are reflected in branding and marketing; simple and clear.
  • We each have our consciousness and are aware of our strengths and weaknesses in our perception of self-respect.

Intelligent people often have an outlet for their creativity, boosting their ability to see the world from a different perspective. However, there is no point in doing something for no reason. I believe Kumar does so with purpose.

  • Presently, Nagesh whatsapped me about his newly launched YouTube channel*. To my dismay, the content suddenly faded away while I was midway, through browsing. Quite likely, being creative, he thinks of innovations, hopefully, can bounce back. I wonder if such backlash may sometimes grow into negativity if an outlet for creativity is plugged in. And lo! The content reappeared in a new avatar as ‘100 bat ki ek baat’.

A thinker, philosopher, life coach, motivational speaker, planner and astrologer, entrepreneur, a singer -all in one, Kumar Nagesh is no doubt, an institution in himself.

With the advent of specialization, it is becoming less common for individuals to be multitasking. They may also be very passionate to the point of obsession with their talents and constantly strive to improve and grow.

More so, social and economic factors could also play a role in the disappearance of multi-faceted personalities.

Variety is the spice of life.


www.youtube.com/@KumarNageshShow^ Starmaker/KumarNagesh/ID:62049879316

# Aranyak is a 2021 Netflix web series

People and U N- April, 2022:  ifuna.org/publication/1658731204_JULY%202022.pdf


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