US Congressman lauds Dalai Lama’s stepping down

Dharamsala : A top US lawmaker has said the Dalai lama’s gesture to give up power is praise worthy as is the effort to build democratic institutions in the Tibetan community.

“At a time when autocrats around the world are clinging to power, the Dalai Lama’s voluntary effort to give up power is remarkable. It is the culmination of decades-long process of nurturing the development of democratic institutions in the Tibetan exile community,” said James P.McGovern, Congressman from Massachusetts, in a speech on the floor of the house of representatives.

“This stands in stark contrast to the reality that neither Tibetans in Tibet, nor anyone in China are allowed fundamental democratic freedom or free elections.What the Tibetans have done is worth our attention and respect,” he said.

“In May this year the Dalai Lama announced his decision to devolve his political authority to the elected leadership.This was ratified by the Tibetan parliament in May,” he said.

“On the occasion of the inauguration of the democratically elected Kalon Tipa Lobsang Sangay as chief executive on August 8, I send my warm wishes to the Tibetan people,” McGovern said.

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