Himachal for raising import duty on apple

Shimla : Scared by the onslaught of imported apples the Himachal Pradesh government on Wednesday urged the Central government to enhance import duty on apple to safeguard the interests of farmers in Himachal,Jammu & Kashmir and Uttrakhand.

In this connection the state horticulture minister Narender Bragta met the union commerce and industries minister Anand Sharma in Parliament house New Delhi.

“Countries like China are dumping apples in the Indian market causing the domestic markets to crash.This dumping has already caused a loss of Rs 100 crore this year so far to local farmers as they are fetching poor returns,” said Bragta.

He said the NDA government had raised the import duty on apples to 50 per cent in 2000.But the current onslaught of imported apple has created an alarming situation which needs to be tackled like an emergency.

“Apple should be designated as a special product to protect the interests of local farmers,” he said.

Himachal produces around 600,000 tonnes of apple every year which accounts for 80 per cent of the entire fruit production of the state.It is also the largest cash crop of the hill state.

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  1. says: PradeepR

    All the scietific throught that has gone into the orchidist community in Himachal is waiting for the snowfall to flourish the fruit on the trees, ever since the British(?) introduced the apple in Himachal and Kashmir perhaps more than a century ago. Agro-technologies these days has made it possible to grow equally luscious fruit in the tropical plains! From hundreds yards distance you can see and know what to chose from: China, Fuji, Kashmir and H.P apple on the vendor cart in the local markets across Indian cities. Time to brace up for competition, take a tutelage from the qualified agriculture scietists and stop heart-burning on Chinese, Israeli, or Fuji..

  2. says: Vishal Sadyal

    Well very true Mr Pradeep……….we are living in Babu Raj and don’t want to come out of it. If Himchal can’t produce Apples at lower cost with good quality then they are not suppose to be in this industry.
    Why should Consumer all over India should pay extra to enjoy good fruit. Because of this strategy of Government Consumers in India get poor quality let it Furniture , Fruits or FMCG.

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