Rivers in spate shut down all major hydroelectric plants in Himachal

Shimla: With all Himalayan rivers in spate in Himachal Pradesh, all major hydropower plants in the state have be forced to shut down generation operations causing an sudden outage of over 3100 MW of power.

Managing director of Jaypee Hydro Power, DP Goyal said that power generation at the 300 MW Baspa project and 600 MW at Karcham Wangtoo power plant have been shut down due to high silt levels in the river.

Since heavy silt erodes vital turbine parts, the managements as a precaution shut operations, he added.

Downstream of Karcham Wangtoo plant, government owned company SJVN shut down the country’s largest hydro plant that generates 1500 MW of peaking power.

Sunil Grover, a senior engineer with HP State electricity Board said that several plant of HPSEB with a total generation capacity of 400 MW, which included 120MW Sanjay Vidyut Bhaba plant and 126 MW Largi plant, have had to shut down operations because of silt caused by incessant rains over the last few days.

In Ravi river basin, 300 MW Chamera plant has also shut down generation, sources said.

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