Defiant MP Sushant’s case before party president – Kalraj Mishra

Shimla: Unable to rein in defiant parliamentarian Rajhan Sushant, BJP
party incharge for Himachal, Kalraj Mishra said that the case for
disciplinary action against the MP had been placed before president
Nitin Gadhkari.

Talking to the media, Mishra said that the disciplinary committee had
looked into the issue about the MP from Himachal defying party
discipline and attempts to weaken the state unit.

A notice had been served to Sushant and based on replies received, the
case has been put before the party president, he said.

He denied that the party was adopting a dual stand on corruption by
acting against a fellow party MP who has been raising issues about
acts of omission and commission in the state and BJP stance against on
corruption against the UPA government.

He said the UPA government had surpassed all heights of corruption and
the country would have to bear the burden of such a government unless
it was sent packing.

The 2G scam, Common Wealth Games scam, food grains scam, the Adarsh
Society scam and several others show the true face of the central
government, he said.

BJP’s by stalling parliament over the issue of corruption was the
inspiration for movements by Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev, claimed the
BJP leader.

About attempts to implicate Hindu organisations to the Mumbai blasts,
Mishra said that congress spokesman Digvijay Singh was trying to shift
the focus on terrorism for political gains by pleasing Muslims.

He said that being the spokesman of Congress, Digvijay has only been
expressing the views of the party’s leadership.

He further alleged that the UPA government was discriminating against
the states on party lines. “In Himachal, the ration quota had been
arbitrarily cut and the industrial package handed out by Vajpayee led
NDA government had been prematurely ended, he said.

In other states like Bihar, governors were not granting assents to
bills passed by the state assembly, he added.

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  1. says: Vishal Sadyal

    Its very sad that some of the Congress leaders like Digvijay Singh want to paint all Hindus involved with religious activities as Terrorists.

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