Five Bhutanese vehicles seized in Himachal monastery

Shimla : Police in a Himachal Pradesh Buddhist monastery have impounded five luxury vehicles with number plates from Bhutan,including two of them bearing diplomatic number plates.

They include a land cruiser,land rover and a isuzu trooper.Police is investigating how these vehicles have been plying on Indian roads and if import duty was paid.

They have also got in touch with the Bhutanese embassy in New Delhi.

These vehicles were found in the Sherbaling monastery in Kangra valley, the seat of Tibetan monk Tai Situ Rimpoche, who is also the guru of the 17 th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorjee.

A newspaper report said according to documents two of the vehicles are surprisingly registered in the name of the queen of Bhutan.While two others bear red number plates used by diplomatic missions.

Some months ago police seized huge sums of unaccounted money including foreign currency from a monastery in Dharamsala.

Himachal is home to thousands of Tibetan refugees.

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