Smuggled liquor recovered at truck accident site

Shimla: A truck that met with an accident turned out to be involved in a liquor smuggling operation as it was loaded with country and Indian made foreign liquor (IMFL) that was only meant to be sold within Chandigarh.

“The truck after losing control on Wednesday morning had fallen off the road at Dahyog village near Sunni and rolled about 400 meters downhill before coming to a stop,” said an investigating police personnel.

Driver of the vehicle Devender Singh, who sustained major injuries in the accident has been admitted to IGMC hospital in Shimla, said the police spokesperson.

It was the load that the truck was carrying that has established the illegal use of the vehicle.

“At the accident site we have found a large quantity of broken liquor bottles and recovered 1078 bottles of Rasila Santra brand of country liquor and 166 Party Special brand of IMFL, which are marked for sale in Chandigarh only,” said Sonal Agnihotri, SP Shimla.

Besides evoking section 279, 337 of IPC for registering the accident case, the excise act has also been slapped in the matter.

Investigators are suspecting that the truck load managed to evade various barriers as the liquor boxes were hidden under layers of bricks. Along with the liquor, many bricks are lying spread out at the accident site, said the police spokesman.

With the investigation hindered as the driver was lying in hospital with severe injuries, police have been unable to establish where the illegal consignment was headed for.

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