Police rescue Israeli trekker in Bashal hills

Shimla: Police on Friday rescued an Israeli girl in Bashal hills of Sarahan, Kullu after she had lost her way a day earlier while out on a trek by herself in the picturesque valley that has the Srikhand peak towering over.

Sonal Agnihotri, SP Shimla said that it was call out of Mumbai by a companion of Keren Sheffi, an Israeli national, that she was stranded somewhere in the Bashal hills of Sarahan that alerted the police late on Thursday.

A rescue party of police personnel accompanied by local guide set out into the hills from Sarahan on Friday and Sheffi who has spent the night out in the wild was successfully traced and rescued.

The girl was travelling by herself is safe and has suffered no injuries or illness. In fact Sheffi plans to continue with her journey and intends to head for Kalapa in Kinnaur, said Arul an IPS officer posted at Rampur who supervised the rescue operation.

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