Man held on Indo-Tibet border

The Indo-Tibetan Border Police(ITBP) on Thursday arrested a man trying to cross over into Tibet from the high mountains of tribal Kinnaur.

Police said the man was nabbed when he was quietly trying to sneak across the international border.It isn’t clear where exactly the incident took place in Kinnaur which borders Tibet.

An official of the ITBP said the suspicious man is being questioned.He is in the guise of a sadhu and says his name is Leela Nath and belongs to Uttar Pradesh.

“Sometimes the sadhu behaves like a mad man and sometimes he appears absolutely sane and lucid,” local media reports quoted a ITBP official.

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  1. says: Rajneesh

    set him free…seems baba is high on cannabis n trying to seek moksha in high hills of Himalayas…lols…There is no dearth of fraudsters in India.. catch them live in Indian Parliament..the DEN of legalized loot ! Across the borders there is always silence..inside borders …there is always upheaval..we are ruled by Dakus and Ali Babas…lols ! Wake Up INDIA ARMY…Make A Coup Attempt !

    1. says: raja

      great idea but this army is too diversified and large for such an adventure as these things have to be carried out swiftly and secretly

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