Himachal BJP rumblings reach Gadkari’s court

Embarrassed by the outpourings of Kangra Lok Sabh BJP MP Rajan Sushant the Himachal chief minister P. K. Dhumal and the state BJP party chief Khimi Ram have gone running to New Delhi complaining to the BJP’s high command to silence the volatile MP.

The two have urged party chief Nitin Gadkari and other top BJP leaders to take action against Sushant as he was embarrassing the party.

It now remains to be seen if the BJP high command actually takes action against the unpredictable MP since many within the party in Himachal feel the issues raised by Sushant maybe blunt but are worth debating as the party looks ahead at the assembly polls late next year.

For the past few months Sushant has been openly criticising the Dhumal led BJP government in Himachal saying corruption has spread rapidly from top to bottom in the state.

Sushant has gone to the extent of calling for a narco test to be conducted on Dhumal,a few ministers and some top officials to come clean on the corruption allegations, including illegal land deals.Sushant has also volunteered to undergo a narco test.

There is speculation that if the party takes strict action against Sushant he may join yoga guru and anti corruption activist Baba Ram Dev.

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  1. says: Vishal Sadyal

    Well he is fighting for Good cause but Mr MP why not come up with Facts and Figures other than making big hue and cry about Mr Dhumal…………
    Was he around Anti Corruption rally in Dharamshala…..?

  2. says: rajeev

    if there is no fault in Dhumal and his colleague than there is no fear of allegations made MP.Susant. overall he is doing toward positive direction

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