BJP has mismanaged Himachal’s finances – Anand Sharma

Shimla: Himachal in financial dire straits was on account of financial mismanagement by the state government for the central government had been liberal in allocating funds for many schemes, union commerce minister Anand Sharma stated here.

Talking to reporters on Saturday evening, Sharma said, “double speak and political hypocrisy” was typical of BJP as the state government was resorting to a blame game by passing the buck to the central government in order to overcome their own shortcomings.

No state government in the country had been discriminated against in allocation of funds for centrally sponsored schemes like MNREGA, Bharat Nirman, Rural Health Mission, PMGSY roads, education and other sectors. In fact central allocations in the past 6 years are much higher than the previous NDA government, claimed the minister.

With the state capital not having benefited from Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) funding program, he said “there were serious complaints about diversion of funds allocated for urban poor housing projects for Shimla under the program.

“How the state government has done it, will be taken up with housing and urban poverty alleviation minister Selja Kumari,” said Sharma.

In response to the state government’s complaint about lesser allocation made by the 13th Finance Commission and the subsequent rejection of special assistance of Rs 2500 crore, Sharma said, “the Finance Commission cannot be politically dictated to as it consisted of professionals and allocations were made on basis of their independent assessments.”

He added that while it was always a difficult task to convince the planning or finance commissions about demands for funds but no state leader had approached him or union minister for medium and small enterprise Virbhadra Singh regarding the matter.

Governance would be severely compromised if a body such as the Finance Commission was to succumb to political pressures, he added.

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  1. says: bhupinder

    anand sharma is biggest liar, his brother is linked to Fraud firm
    As per sunday guardianBy our correspondent | 19 June 2011
    … Ltd is engaged in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals on a loan basis from M/S Megha International Ltd owned by Ashok Sharma, brother of Commerce Minister, Anand Sharma. However, Anand Sharma, the then …
    in india no one trust politician, the swissbank holder, everyone know how they siphon off money to foreign bank, everyone know congresi always allocate less money than their favourite gvt like assam, bangal,,twice amount than deserved because of their relation, modi is also crying for ages, but centra have autocratic power under constitution and fool public to fool,,better tohave open deabate on tv and whole people will come to know about reality,,

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