Rampur looks out for a new mentor

Several projects in union minister Virbhadra Singh’s home town stalled for lack of funds

Rampur: From being the high profile home town of union minister Virbhadra Singh, in last three years Rampur has seen a climb down as several projects started by the previous government are stalled for lack of funds, which some say are being withheld due to political considerations.

Rampur bus stand waiting inauguration

Pointing out a new bus stand building constructed 3 years ago after spending Rs 8 crore that is still waiting to be made operational, Nandlal –the congress legislator from Rampur says, “in 3 years the government has simply not paid attention to this area. Even though the old bus stand in the middle of the town is at a very congested place, the government has not bothered to start the new one in all these years.”

Rampur, in Satluj valley, was the capital of erstwhile princely state of Bushear of which former chief minister Virbhadra Singh is the scion. During Singh several stints as chief minister, much preferential attention was paid to the town but with political power passing onto BJP in 2008, the projects started by the previous congress government await a new mentor.

Rampur bus stand waiting inauguration

A college student Sumedha mentions about a large auditorium constructed in the campus that lacks furniture and has been so for past 3 years. Right bank residents of Rampur have been waiting for a drinking water scheme to become functional that will augment supplies. The scheme draws water from River Satluj but to become operational it needs an electrical connection so that pumps could be operated.

“Not just these projects, several others which include schools and important road projects have been denied funds, says Nandlal. In 3 years only 250 meters of an important road to landlocked area of Kasha Pat has been constructed. I have raised these issues several times in the Vidhan Sabha as well as in writing but it has fallen upon deaf ears, he says.

“The government is functioning in an impartial manner,” retorts Mohinder Singh, the transport minister when contacted over phone.

On drawing attention to a large bus stand constructed in Rampur that was not in operation, he said, “it was financed by a central public sector undertaking.”

Rampur College Auditorium

Regarding the delays incurred, he said “the public facility could not be made functional because the funding agency only paid the balance Rs 2 crore for the project after I personally took up the matter with them.”

“Now water and electricity connections have been provided to the building and it was being given finishing touches,” he said adding, “it would to be dedicated to the people soon.”

Photos By: Ravinder Makhaik

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  1. says: Rajneesh

    @ Mr. Ravinder , well said. Wastage of public funds seems to be a privilege of corrupt politicians. Democracy has become a Devilocracy ——-?.

    Unless there is a strong legislation to make the culprits accountable for wastage of public funds, such incidents will not be checked.

    Businessmen influence politicians and politicians eat/waste public money to please businessmen who donate funds for their party and elections..that’s purely common sense…to please supporters and collect funds from them Politicians play upon the system ——- Public money and national resources ..without realizing its hard earned money of Public who contribute to national resources by paying taxes and abiding laws of nation !

    If Politicians are so smart to experiment…why don’t they put their own properties and personal wealth on such experimentation. Ek baar apne Ghar – Bar , hotels , benami lands , industries etc etc bech ke state ke welfare ke liye lga ke dikhayen, then we as public will see how much true are their efforts !

    (The comment has been moderated)

  2. says: Team BnM

    Its a common fact worldwide and especially in countries like India where projects are planned and/or started and/or executed by whims and fancies of the politicians in their own constituencies to please the vote bank without ensuring proper (read, foolproof for this!) financial closure as well as funds availability for these projects.

    And, change in baton in terms of political outcome of peoples’ ballot then increasingly become the deciding factor shaping the fate of such projects.

    Its high time for such things to change… both in terms of planning and starting such multi-million currency projects as well as then completing them as well.

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