Media, NGO’s be brought in Anti Corruption law ambit – Bitta

Shimla: Shifting gears from terrorism to fighting corruption, Maninderjit Singh Bitta, chairman All India Anti-terrorist Front here today made a call from bringing NGO’s and media persons into the ambit of anti-corruption laws.

Talking to reporters, he said that NGO’s had become dens of corruption and an easy route for converting black money into white and media-politician-corporate nexus exposed recently showed the tentacles that media persons had spread around.

Lauding Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar, Bitta said by making it mandatory for bureaucrats and elected representatives to declare their assets, it bring about much needed transparency into the system.

Pointing out that both media and NGO’s were not free from corruption, he said “it should be made mandatory for them to declare their assets also.”

Refraining from naming anyone, he added that even Sants were acquiring assets and building empires. Stringent laws need to be in place for ensuring transparency of public institutions, he said.

Showing concern about mushrooming of private health and educational institutions, he said healthcare and private universities was big business because the governments were withdrawing from these sectors.

Showing solidarity with BJP on Article 370, he said that it should be scrapped. Stopping any Indian from hosting the national flag at Lal Chowk or any other place in Kashmir was anti national and an insult to patriots.

Harping on India’s soft stance on terrorism, he said that a pro-active intervention should be made to dismantle terrorist camps operating out of Pakistan.

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