Shimla police register cheating case for overcharging of parking fee from tourists

Shimla: Police have registered a cheating case for overcharging of parking fee from tourists on a complaint filed by Ashwani Gupta, a resident of Avtar Enclave Paschim Vihar, New Delhi.

Gupta in his complaint alleged that on 23 January, he went to the MC Parking to park his car but the attendant there asked him to pay Rs 150 for 24 hours whereas a board displayed at the parking showed that the applicable rate was Rs 60 for 24 hours of parking.

Not deciding to park there, Gupta then proceeded to the High Court parking, where too the attended demanded Rs 150 instead of the applicable rate of Rs 60 for an 24 hour parking.

Not giving into the demand of the parking attendants, Gupta ultimately ended up parking his vehicle with HPTDC Parking and paid Rs 200 for two nights.

Feeling cheated, later he filed a complaint about innocent tourists being cheated by the parking staff at Shimla parkings.

We have registered a case under section 420 IPC and have begun investigations, Sonal Agnihotri SP Shimla said.

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  1. says: RKS

    Being a local resident I too faced the same problem many times. I also reported the matter to a popular daily who had highlighted the issue very effectively. But who cares in MC. It perhaps has some sort of nexus with the contractor. People are very busy and hesitate to avoid tussle as they have no other option. Locals also fear possible damage to their vehicle in case there is resistance. Moreover, how many of us have time to fight with the system and report the matter. People especially tourists are being looted daily and the money minting is very fast.
    Where do the ‘bhole bhale Himachalies exist on this so called devbhoomi’. Also make a visit to any government office here and feel the difference. Nice self praise indeed !

    1. says: Rajneesh

      Agree with RKS..a handful of selfish people in nexus with support spoiling name of Tourism of HIMACHAL ! A loot is going on everywhere in the name of parking..just see the behavior of attendants, they are not less than beasts !

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