Himachal Cooperative Bank to soon offer online banking at all branches

Shimla: Mainly spread out in rural banking, the Himachal Pradesh State Cooperative Bank is all set to adopt core banking solutions (CBS) at all it branches and would offer online banking facilities in all the 190 branches that it operates.

Speaking to My Himachal News, Amit Kashyap, managing director HP Coop Bank said that computerization, automation and linking to CBS is being speeded up and soon all the bank’s 190 branches would be offering online banking. He claimed that it would be one of the first cooperative banks in the country to do so.

With online banking, the bank application for being hooked up with banks national switch for usage of its ATM card at any of national ATM vendor machines could be approved.

Kashyap said that probably we would be the only cooperative bank whose ATM card would be eligible to being used at any ATM machine after being linked to the national switch system.

With not much of a credit off take in state, MD of the bank said that efforts were being made to increase the credit: deposit (C/D) ratio. “We have achieved our targets for financial inclusion, wherever the bank is present in the state,” he said. Plans were afoot to install more ATM machines, he added.

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