CM Sahib – Anand Sharma; Is he congress’s choice for Himachal ????

Subtle hints

The Congress party is yet to take a call on who would be its candidate for the Chief Minister’s post in Himachal Pradesh in the next elections. The toss-up is between the five-time Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh and Sonia Gandhi’s choice, Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma. Possibly Sharma’s staff already sense victory, so he’s referred to as CM sahib. Or is that just an abbreviation for Commerce Minister?

Courtesy: Eavesdropper – The Financial Express

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  1. says: abhishake

    The way Congress is doing at Centre would be repeated in our state which is a shame for we people to elect a CM who has never contested a single assembly election from the state.This will not be unfortunate for the state but also for the state Congress Party which will actually lead to rifts inside the party to select a Refugee for the pst of CM.thats already happening in the statte,all d outside people(Refugees) eating away the state resources.We need a pure himachali who’s native, born nd brought up in this beautiful state and who’s is much educated to know how things worked out in the other well developed states of INDIA.Jai Hind Jai Himachal.

  2. says: yogita

    It is one and only Virbhadra singh who can lead state like himachal pradesh in real sence.He is well acquanted with physical and political sinario of state.Anand Sharma may be centre choice but he not state people’s choice .So vir bhadra Singh is best choise for CM Sahib …………..

    1. says: abhishake

      I agree with you that virbhadra was a good choice but times have gone now for him as he is nw in his 80’s.But we cant forget him for providing with basic amenities to the people of state even in the interior areas.If today himachal is self sufficient and even the poor people are not starving for food its because only of generous Raja ji.He kept the gap between the rich and poor to a low extent in Himachal.But the worst thing about his administration was to favour outside people in the state.Even his Personal Secretary was from Punjab and was caught in many scams after his tenure.We need people like ShivSena who can even die for MaharAshtra else time is not far away when our State will starve for food,employment and basic amenities.

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