Puerto Rico governor’s mansion has unpaid water bill

San Juan, May 17 (IANS/EFE) The $265 million Puerto Rico’s heavily indebted state-owned water and sewer authority is trying to collect from customers includes $30,000 due from La Fortaleza, the official residence of the island’s governor.

La Fortaleza ran up an unpaid bill of $60,000, but the figure was cut in half as part of a broader collection plan initiated in January, its chief executive Alberto Lazaro told WKAQ radio Thursday.

It expects the governor’s mansion to settle the bill in July, he said.

Last Friday, it terminated water service to the city hall in Arecibo after the municipal government rejected a plan to pay off its $1.5 million debt to the water authority.

Arecibo and the water authority later came to an agreement and the service was restored.



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