Swine flu claims a victim in Himachal

Shimla: An isolated swine flu case has claimed the life of an 18 year old girl, who was brought in emergency to the state hospital on Thursday night but died early on Saturday morning. It has been confirmed by test, medical specialists here stated.

“Timely treatment could not be meted out to the patient as she was brought in a critical condition to IGMC Hospital,” said Vinod Mehta, state disease surveillance officer. Medical tests had confirmed it to be case of swine flu (H1N1), he said.

The girl with symptoms of high grade fever was brought from Theog, in Shimla district was shifted to intensive care unit (ICU) and despite the best efforts of the doctors could not be saved, said Mehta.

The immediate family of the victim has been isolated and preventive treatment given to all those who came in close contact with her recently, said the surveillance officer.

“One of the victims relatives, who exhibited some symptoms of a flu, on testing has been ruled out from being infected with swine flu,” said Mehta.

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