Project Warmth—-Spreading Warmness of Humanity!!

Chandigarh: “No candle loses its light, while lighting another candle, so never stop sharing and helping others because it makes your life more meaningful”

On the similar note My Himachal Chandigarh Chapter (MHCC) started it’s first page with ‘Project Warmth’ on decade’s first day 1/1/11. Cold wave swept through north India, throwing life out of gear but it did not dampen the high enthusiasm of MHCC’s energetic team members to give final touch to ‘Project Warmth’.

From 15 days the Chandigarh team of My Himachal were slowly giving shape to ‘Project Warmth’. Starting out with drawing up a plan, collecting funds, procuring blankets, identifying the places for distribution of blankets and building a network of those interested in making a difference by being part of ‘Project Warmth’.

So along cool winter days, a group of about 20 Himachalis and Non-Himachalis based in the Tri-City of Chandigarh-Mohali-Panchkula from different walks of life got together to spread the warmth of humanity to the lesser fortunate. The very first distribution of blanket by My Himachal was for a person whose relative was admitted in PGI hospital and who was not in condition to cover himself with warm clothes, given the prevailing cold weather conditions.

The encouraging response from the beneficiary emboldened the team spirit and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th blankets ……..were distributed, till the last blanket to homeless people was handed out.

The smile on a rickshaw wala’s face who was trembling on road side in his rickshaw, satisfaction on crippled man’s face who was in wheel chair, tears of happiness on a poor women’s eyes, the amazed look on a group of 20 poor people sitting without a fire to light, a heartfelt thanks from a tender old man not being able to sleep in the cold night…… were more than a reward for the My Himachal team engaged in the project.

My Himachal on its part acknowledges a special thanks to all the people from around the world who sent funds for Project Warmth. Those who helped in raising funds were Himachali and Non Himachali living in Paris, Dubai, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Hamirpur, Una, Shimla and Delhi.

Having gained from the experience My Himachal welcomes new members at its Chandigarh Chapter and looks forward to network again on a project that can bring about a difference into the quality of life for those truly deserving.

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