Misbehaviour In State Library At Solan

MOTILAL NEHRU STATE LIBRARY situated at THE MALL ROAD SOLAN is very disrespectful place for anyone to visit.The worst part of the library is its class 4 staff i.e. the cleaners who misbehave with us (the readers).

The well ventilated rooms of the library are always locked up and we were allowed to sit in a room having no proper light conditions & no ventilation & meaningless reasons were given for the rooms being locked up.

Moreover being a state library it does not have a single washroom.

We being the readers has gone through the misbehavior of the staff and it was such a disaster that it can’t be explained in words…….

So we would suggest to never ever visit the library………otherwise you will be in great trouble……….

Readers of Motilal Nehru State Library,
The Mall Road, Solan.

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