Himachal Pradesh University employees up in arms against adhoc appointments

Shimla: Irked by taking on board an controller of examination at Himachal Pradesh University on deputation, employees are up in arms against the vice chancellor SK Gupta, demanding that the university rules do not permit such an arrangement and the appointment should be annulled.

Executive council member from the non teaching employees constituency, Waryam Singh Bains citing the university statue said, appointment of controller of examination has been made in contravention of university rules and we will not permit it.

Having resorted to protest rallies on the campus, Sohan Singh Thakur, chairman joint action committee said, talks with the vice chancellor have proved inconclusive. He added that violations of HPU Act could lead to court cases.

Asking for doing away ad-hocism, Bains said “stop gap arrangement, practices by the university administration for long should be done away with and regular selection for the post of registrar, finance officer, controller of examination, librarian, director of academic staff college and director international centre for distance education and open learning (ICDEOL) should be made.

It was ironic, he said that at a time when the university was preparing a Vision 2020 document, we are up opposing appointing officers on deputation, something that the employees in 1973 had staunchly opposed soon after the institution was established.

The employee leaders have termed the postings of Superintended Engineer and Chief Security Officer as unwanted posting in the university, which was a drain on its finances and should be done away with.

The leader have appealed to Governor Urmila Singh, as chancellor of the university to intervene for solving the issue as annual examinations of the university were scheduled to start from 15th March, which could suffer delays.

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  1. says: RKS

    Politics has almost spoiled this state university. Whether it is VC or appointed COE or the opposing unionists, all have a very strong affiliation to political bosses who are controlling the strings behind the curtains. This university has now a rare distinction in the whole northern region of India with low B grade NAAC ranking, whereas others are comfortably in A grade.
    I am sorry to say but the most teachers here have stooped so low that they are matching the level of supporting ministerial staff in similar negative and narrow outlook. Entry of most employees has been facilitated through hidden doors of hostel at lowest end and their aspirations have taken them up to Deputy/Asstt. Registrar level. Their aspirations to become COE and registrar cannot die down in current environment when loyalty is superseding the seniority and merit. Recent appointments in State Technical University and UIIT are very astonishing. Visit across most departments and centres in University, very junior people with political aspirations and short cut ladders are heading the offices. It is de-motivating the few rational and unaffiliated workers and spoiling the entire organization.

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