Himachal civic poll results a rejection of BJP ‘s polices – Kaul Singh Thakur

Shimla: With congress having won the presidents election on 18 urban bodies and vice-presidents election on 21, of the 48 that went to the polls on Monday, a recharged congress lashed out at ruling BJP that the result was a rejection of the government policies.

Addressing the media, congress president Kaul Singh Thakur said that the educated and sensitive urban voter had rejected three years of BJP’s anti people’s policies.

Despite gross misuse of official machinery and rejection of nominations of congress candidates, he said, congress candidates have been elected for president in 18 urban bodies, which includes Solan, Sujjanpur Bhota, Nadaun, Nurpur, Palampur and others.

Besides the presidents election, congress candidates have won on 21 posts of vice-president, for which a direct election has been held for the first time, he added.

Speaking about the governments claims to zero tolerance to corruption, he said that despite having given an affidavit in the High Court, the people had lost faith in the government who were seen to be tolerant towards corruption.

He said the other issue that the civic body election reflected was sale of land. “The voters will never tolerate sale of land,” he said.

“The government had thrown a challenge at us about contesting the urban body elections on party basis,” said Kaul Singh, “which we readily accepted.”

Laying claim to some rebels having won the elections as independents, who had been suspended from congress party, the state congress president said the party would re-consider its decision.

“The rebels had only been suspended and not expelled. The party would re-consider its decision and would take the some suspended members depending upon the parties criteria, he said.

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  1. says: Rajneesh

    Poor voters ..Living with no choice, either they choose A or B same will be fate.

    While in opposition every leader becomes Chanakya and claims to be next Savior…and when gets the chance to be in power…makes multiplication of irregularities.. robs public wealth whole heartdedly for 5 years…

    Kaul Singh ji, public would like to know what will be the fate of Himachal & INDIA in Congress rule? Your agression is evident in misuse of govenment machinery in Himachal…But can you please say something on Mr. Suresh Kalmadi & A Raja …who fathered biggest scandals in INDIAN history under the rule of your own party? What was that? Nationalism ??? What do you have to say in this regard?

    Now even children in INDIA know that our leaders and politicians are brokers of national wealth & resources… Suresh Kalmadi, A. Raja and most recent old Bofors ghost …which has again resurrected from graves…all these repeated scandals and no penality …Seems like a Corruption Holiday going on in our Nation..Looks great…Any leader close to Suresh Kalmadi..from HP? Must convince him to grant some package on his own…he seems capable alone…lols !

    We think terrorists are biggest threats to our nation…fact is opposite…our Politicians and Corrupt officers are the real originators of terrorism….they have looted and exploited the public wealth to that extent that desreving common man is not having any benefit from this rotten system, hence frustration…leading towards crime.

    Corruption is the mother of terrorism… and fathers fool public by blaming neighbours for spoling their children..

  2. says: Ganesh

    It is interesting to read about the results of Himachal Pradesh Panchayat elections. The non-Congress, non-BJP candidates have won 50% of the seats is encouraging trend. Hope the Himachal people will go for an alternative, that too a viable one.

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    Cell : 0-9442060775

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