Hassan Valley

This Sanctuary and Catchment Area is situated adjacent to National Highway 22. It starts right after Dhalli and extends beyond Kufri.The altitude ranges from 1,900 m to 2,620 m. The sanctuary is connected by a forest corridor to Chail Sanctuary in the south. This catchment which is the main water supply for Shimla. The natural vegetation comprises pine, oak, cedar or Himalayan deodar, and rhododendron, as well as maple and horse chestnut. The wildlife consists of jackals, kakkar (barking deer), and the occasional leopard, as well as numerous bird species such as the Himalayan eagle, pheasants, chikor and partridges.

There is one rest house inside, and one small room in the middle of the Sanctuary which was built by the Britishers where British officers used to play cards.

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  1. says: lkkapoor

    This is not the main water supply 2 shimla but 1st systematic piped water supply source. Officially, there is no Hassan Valley. It is a recent name given by taxi operaators 2 th place.

  2. says: lkkapoor

    I will feel privelidged if address of the concerned forest office is let known to persue about the source of information to rectify my knowledge of the place.

  3. says: vasu

    Not only Leopards are found here ,tigers and panthers do exist in Hasan valley
    And numerous other which are not seen by many..
    Though it’s a amazy place to adventure..

  4. says: vasu

    it is also known for paranormal activity
    I have experienced it…
    near the long bridge which is broken
    and the water reservoir … area

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