Mummy of a revered Tibetan monk, now on display

Kangra: The mummy of a revered Tibetan monk, Tokden Amtrin, has now been put on display at a Tashi Jong monastery in Baijnath near Palampur.

After about five years of Amtrin’s death, his mummy has been put on display at the Khampagar Monastery in Tashi Jong. The disciples of Amtrin preserved the body of their guru using only salt and no chemicals. A special meditation hall Near the monastery has been built where the mummy, covered in traditional attire, has been put on display for people to pay their obeisance.

Popa Lamba, a disciple of Amtrin, said they did not want their guru to leave them and that is the reason why they decided to preserve his body. Popa spent almost thirty years with his guru assisting him before the latter’s death.”It was my desire and his other disciples’ desire that he stay with us forever. Besides, when people come here for ‘darshan’ they will get inspired,” said Popa. Papa also said that the mummy’s face would remain concealed and the cloth will not be disturbed when people come to pay their obeisance.

In the 17th century, the 4th Khamtrul Rinpoche started the Yogi Sangha called ‘Tokden’, meaning those who have realized the nature of the mind. Although these yogis are fully ordained monks, the Tokdens keep their hair matted and wear white robes. In 1958, having foreseen the imminent coming of the communist Chinese, the eight Khamtrul Rinpoche came to India with a group of ten Tokdens and other reincarnated monks.Tokden Amtrin was one of the ten Tokdens, who accompanied the eight Khamtrul Rinpoche. Tokden Amtrin passed away on July 1, 2005, in Tashi Jong at the age of 84.

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