Community shows solidarity with fire victims

DHARAMSALA: The local people and Tibetans in Dharamsala have stood in solidarity with seven Indians whose shops were completely destroyed in a tragic fire incident on the night of 30 November. The shops were located on the Jogibara road in Mcleod Ganj in upper Dharamsala.
Both the local and Tibetan communities have donated a total sum of Rs 217, 380 to the victims, the Tibetan Settlement Office in Dharamsala said.

The names of generous trust, organisations and individuals with donation (amount mentioned in bracket) are: The Dalai Lama trust (82,500); Thekchen Choeling Temple (7,500); Home Department, Central Tibetan Administration (37,500); Executive Tibetan Youth Congress (7,000); Regional Students for Free Tibet/Tibetan Youth Congress/Tibetan Women’s Association/Gu-Chu-Sum/National Democratic Party of Tibet/Tammy, US (56,980); Indo-Tibetan Friendship Association (14,000) and Tibetan Shopkeepers’ Association (11,900).An estimated Rs 6,263,300/- worth of property, consisting of three internet cafes, western union cum hardware shop, photo studio, garment cum trekking equipment shop, liquor shop, tailor shop and an eating vendor (dhaba) were destroyed.

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