90 Bengali Tourists Snow-trapped in Kalpa-Kinnaur

Shimla: The unusually heavy snow in the tribal belt has trapped about 90 tourists at Kalpa, which till evening has received about 5 feet of snow.

All the tourists were Bengali’s with most of them being from Kolkatta and around Kolkatta.

Sub-divisional officer Naresh Thakur, from Peo over phone told My Himachal News, “the road to Kalpa can only be opened after it stopped snowing.”

With 3 feet of snow at Peo, it would take about a day or two to cut through the snow to reach Kalpa, he said adding that all the 90 tourists up at Kalpa were safe.

No tourist were trapped in Sangla valley, Thakur informed

Tour operator Arun, said of the 90 Bengali tourists, there were about 8 children below 8 years of age and another 4 of them were over 70 years of age.

The tourists were scheduled to depart on 29th December, but a continuous snowfall has upset the scheduled plan, said Arun.

Jitender Sanjta, SDO (civil) Kaza over phone said that the headquarter of Spiti had received over 3 feet of snow.

“There are no tourists in Spiti valley at this time of the year, said Sanjta

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