Preity Zinta to be brand ambassador for Himachal Tourism

Shimla: Having carved out a name for herself in Indian Cinema, Preity Zinta, who grew up in Himachal has consented to don the mantle of a brand ambassador of her native state, tourism officials here disclosed.

Member of Parliament Anurag Thakur and Arun Sharma, director tourism met the renowned actress in Mumbai recently to finalize the modalities.

Renowned actress Preity Zinta has in principal agreed to become the brand ambassador for Himachal Tourism and environment protection endeavours,” said Arun Sharma after the meeting.

On the occasion the tourism director also presented the actress a coffee table book ‘Har Ghar Kuchh Kehta Hai’ in which Zinta also figures.

The book documents the heritage of many private and public buildings, which have a untold story to narrate.

Ms Zinta beging well conversant with the states tourism potential is the most appropriate personality to act as the brand ambassador of Himachal, said Sharma.

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  1. says: Rajneesh Sharma

    Till now Tourism department officers were sleeping..thank god they woke up before Preeti Zinta turned old..

    Har ghar kuch kehta hai..a book to promote tourism…I want to convey our CM, tourism secretary, PWD minister and everyone who fakes smile on vague tourism propaganda in press..”That just look at the condition of roads and infrastructure for kothkhai, Rohru..Khada Pathar Areas..”Vahan Kee Sadkon Ka Haal Bhi Bahut Kuch Kehta Hai” Forget tourism..these areas look so neglected that living a normal life seems like hell with such conditions…Roads seem to have been neglected for a decade..If a video documentary is created for roads in these areas…I bet many politicians would feel ashamed that they represent Himachal a beautiful hill state converted into hell by their political rivalries and bogus propagandas…..they don’t even deserve to represent Somalia in Africa..

    Most importantly i would like to show our Horticulture Minster Mr. Narender Bragta..the conditions of apple growers and devastation of apple crops…how people from these areas have been forced to throw their year’s hard-work and apple produce to dust …

    By the medium of this web site, after few days…I would like to show something horrible…..I have captured photographs of rotten apples in tons by road sides…the growers couldn’t manage to sell their crops due to poor condition of roads and loot by transporters…I expect Preeti Zinta to see these pictures and realise that by mere wearing “Himachal Cap” the tourism can’t be promoted…instead she would be “Promoting A Careless Governance” who is not concerned for woes of its people !

    1. says: Avnish

      If Preity is joining to help HP Tourism then what’s wrong in that? Someone has to market HP tourism. There are always few good officials and their efforts should be lauded. Somewhere a try and effort has to be made. If all just negative campaigning, then for sure that  wont help HP.

      Agreed that state government should fix tourism department but for that also somewhere some effort has to start. Let’s say getting a tourism brand mascot is first step. 

      Now we, as people, need to keep the pressure on government and push them to do a better job. 

      That never happens in HP. 

      We just care about personal gains and once those goals are met, we just praise politicians. It’s a huge change, which won’t happen overnight.

      We would like to see your report and see how much it makes a change. 

      Strong and effective journalism requires strong and constant efforts and we hope your story opens up new debate on the plight of apple growers.

      But again let’s not go against Preity. She is a movie star and is putting her star power to shine HP

  2. says: Rajneesh Sharma

    Dear Friend/Associate,

    In my above words, I am not against Preiti Zinta anywhere. I am just trying to bring a focus on facades that happen in name of promoting tourism and being blind to basics of public sufferings.

    Bad politics and careless governance is our fate, what few good officers can do when they are not allowed a chance to show their actual potential against evil wishes corrupt officers or publicity starved politicians. I write aggressive comments just because i see the hypocrisy practically.. I keep travelling regularly in different parts of Himachal, keep staying in HPTDC hotels, keep watching false ECO preservation propagandas …What our leaders are teaching about ECO Tourism ?? A big **** and all are foolishly enjoying it with monkey smiles..

    If we really think that our efforts should bring a change, then we need to make all “hypocrite leaders & officers” feel shameful for their false claims.

    If you think that my views are unreasonable, being a moderator you always have the the privilege to disallow them.

    1. says: Avnish


      The strength of this Platform is it’s readers and their views. So fair and better judgement always prevails here. Be assured.
      We agree with you and feel the pain.

      Politicians and babus have destroyed HP. But then hope is always there. And thats what we are trying. We are trying to bring like minded people together (and believe, this has been very tough task) and engage in positive discussion and also positive change.

      Somewhere in your comments it was felt that a name known from HP is becoming problem. So Preity is not problem but our govt and system is. So let’s try to fix that.

  3. says: Kamal Sharma

    I would call it a Preiti problem. Preiti or no Preiti, things would be pretty much the same. No one want to visit us anymore so please don’t be fooled by pretty pretty messages and campaigns to entice people to HP.

    Open your eyes guys and look at the revenue generated through tourism and the steady drop in the number of tourist visiting us. And the one who visits leaves us poorer and in mess.

    1. says: hariom

      correctly said, our major source of income is electricity which we are selling and government is hiding it from general people, people are also least bothered, but there are no perfect things, we have to make them perfect, youth calling boss,, get ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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