Patna caller defrauds bank employees in Himachal

Shimla: In the midst of hectic electioneering in Bihar, an unknown caller devised a novel method for defrauding two bank employees here in Rohru region of Shimla district of Rs 80,000 by first asking them to deposit the money in a certain bank account and then withdrawing within minutes from an ATM in Patna.

First the fraudster on phone contacted Padam Singh Dandoo, a bank manager in a rural branch at Summerkot in Rohro, and claimed that he was a zonal Deputy General Manager in the bank.

He claimed to be in urgent need of money as one of his relative was ill and sought Dandoo’s help by asking him to deposit Rs 25,000 in a certain bank account.

At about the same time the bank manager at Rohru also received a similar call and was asked to deposit Rs 55,000 for meeting the claimed emergency.

By the time the two attempted to confirm the deposits made, it was too late – for the mobile phone caller was traced to have made a call from Bihar and the money was found to have been withdrawn from an ATM in Patna.

Sonal Agnihotri, Superintendent Police Shimla said that a case of cheating had been registered at Rohru and investigation is in progress.

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  1. says: Rajneesh Sharma

    Its about using common sense, the estranged officer from Bank must have cross checked the whereabouts of caller, how could they rely on anyone with just a call…and that too a zonal DGM..and why would such a senior officer would call a remote branch in a far flung area of Himachal…No DGM of bank could be so weak financially.. at least the BANKS facilitate high class medical facilities to its officers.. as far as i father was also a bank officer in SBI..No one is to be blamed, other than the bank officer who deposited money..without using common sense.

  2. says: PassingBy

    Too hard to digest that couple of bank officers got falsely intimidated just by a phone call from someone pretending to be a senior officer.
    Anyways the con involved will be caught, hope that the ATM’s camera was working considering it the prank has been executed using a stolen ATM card.

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