Cameron Diaz growing close to Lady Gaga’s fiance?

Los Angeles, June 11 (IANS) Actress Cameron Diaz is reportedly getting close to singer Lady Gaga’s fiance Taylor Kinney, who is starring with her in “The Other Woman”.

They have been spotted taking coffee breaks and dining together after the shoot.

“This isn’t going down well,” quoted a source as saying.

“Diaz and Kinney have clicked on set and are getting on really well. They’ve been hanging out and the news has reached Gaga’s camp,” said the source.

Gaga is currently holidaying in Mexico.

The source further added: “Diaz and Kinney have been seen in cafes. They went out for dinner. They were joined at the hip at a drinks party for Kate Upton’s birthday.”

Diaz has reportedly met Kinney’s family too.

“Diaz also met Kinney’s family as his brothers Adam and Trent have visited the set,” said the source.

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