Himachal Pradesh and its neglected Water Resources

There is absolutely no scarcity of the rivers and its tributaries in Himachal Pradesh. Our state has been blessed with lots of river out of which the major include Satluj, Beas and Ravi. More than 80% of population has been benefited by the water pipeline spread by Irrigation and Public Health Department of our state.

The most unfortunate thing is that there is hardly any concern about the Potable water reservoirs known as ‘Bowries’ and ‘Khaatris’ in local language. While traveling across our state, one can see various fresh water sources and these reservoirs which have been made by carving out small hillocks or a portion of the ground. These reservoirs are hardly used for drinking purposes anymore, though they were of great importance during ancient times. My concern is that these reservoirs have now became a history and their condition is getting worse day by day. They need to be looked after, even if they are not used, let us preserve them as our heritage. They can also prove of great importance during the scarce conditions.These reservoirs have to be saved from getting destroyed. Our Govt. is spending lot of money in finding out new ways of water conservation but our traditional water sources are extinguishing. Not only Govt. but we the citizen of Himachal Pradesh should also take steps to save these important reservoirs.

As it is difficult to make somebody work but someone can be motivated by your efforts!

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  1. says: rndm

    ‘Bowries’ and ‘Khaatris’, these traditional resources stand obsolete in face of modern lifestyles along with feasible water supply, consequently have a meagre significance. Besides pollution and increased inhabitance have added to the grim of these natural resources. At present, their utilization has contracted and is limited to rural areas only where direct line of potable water at home still counts as a luxury. ‘Bowries’ doting the highways and roads are a put in used for washing vehicles( truck drivers often line at such places)
    Nonetheless, they need to be preserved, as you said, from a cultural perspective. It might not be possible to conserve all of them but some holding prime importance and those which can be related to surrounding culture are justified to be protected and developed. Preservation would demand innovative initiatives, a small park or a protected area with demarcated boundary encircling them shall help sustaining them.
    And most importantly it has to be a community centric effort, can’t brag about administrative negligence in this case.

  2. says: lkkapoor

    Why not start a fresh move? It is a heritage now but in past, it was the necessity for survival. We should not forget that fresh water in this universe has started depletion nd time is not far away that we may start fighting/quarlling with each other for want of reasonable quantity of water. Coming generation will definitely appreciate our efforts if we preseve these water bodies for them and of course ,we as father/mother/elder owe this also.

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