Karnataka Governor be recalled – Himachal CM

Shimla:Taking umbrage to Karnataka Governor HR Bhardwaj having recommended President’s Rule in the state, chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal today said such unwarranted actions undermined the position of Governors with the constitutional post being considered a white elephant in public perception.

If governors are going to behave as representative of a political party and act in a partisan manner then there need not be such an office, he said.

Talking to newspersons the chief minister said “When governors begin to behave in such a manner, the President of India needs to intervene and re-call them.”

Condemning the behaviour of the Karnataka governor in no uncertain terms, Dhumal asked the UPA government to stop playing dirty games against democratically elected state governments as it was damaging the country’s federal structure.

Without mincing words, he said that it was for the first time that the BJP had an elected government on its own in a southern state, which the UPA government was unable to tolerate and was making attempts to dislodge it through undemocratic step with the help of the governor.

“The Congress talks about morality in politics but the nation has not forgotten the scruples manner by which it manipulated a majority in the Lok Sabha in the past”, he pointed out.

Pointing out the case of Bihar and Jharkhand, Dhumal said that whenever the Congress is in power at the centre it encouraged defections so as to dislodge democratically elected governments on many an occasion.

“The anti-defection law was enacted to prevent defection and ensure that those elected follow the programmes and policies of the party on whose symbol they stand elected.

About the Karnataka governor, the chief minister said that Bharadwaj had been playing a dangerous game since the day he took office and was interfering with the working of the Karnataka government.

For a person who having been the law minister of the country and who did allow de-freezing of Quattrochi’s accounts in the Bofors case, the Karnataka’s governors past is littered with many controversies, said Dhumal.

Photo Credit: Ravinder Makhaik

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