Virbhadra diverting attention from CD case – Dhumal

Shimla: Hitting back at union steel minister Virbhadra Singh, chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal said that instead of humbly accepting the courts verdict rejecting his plea, he was attempting to divert attention from the CD case by repeating time and again about a non-existent conspiracy and political vendetta.

“Neither was there any political conspiracy nor any vendetta against Virbhadra Singh, and law was taking its own course,” said Dhumal here in response to statements made by the former before the media on Sunday.

Digging up an old issue, the chief minister said that the people would soon know as to who had burnt the old Shimla Gazetteer.

The older version of the gazetteer is believed to have gone missing in the mid 1980’s during Virbhadra Singh‘s first term as chief minister.

About the contentious CD, Dhumal said, “it was Virbhadra Singh who had knocked the doors of the High Court in 2007 and had even filed and defamation suit against Vijay Singh Mankotia for it.”

A Central Forensic Lab has already ascertained the voice on the CD to be his and the cut and paste theory which Virbhadra Singh speaks of often has been negated by the lab, he added.

He is leveling false charges on others to absolve himself of guilt,” said Dhumal.

Responding to property allegations leveled, the chief minister responded that he has been filing income tax returns since the 70’s and property details were being disclosed regularly in every election.

Regarding allegation about misrule by the Dhumal government, the chief minister said that he did not a certificate about it from anybody.

Taking exception about a threat held out to government officers, he said that it only depicted the vindictive attitude of Virbhadra Singh.

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  1. says: Rajneesh Sharma

    Political Rivalries are identical to Tom & Jerry Cartoon Shows !

    The political rivalry episodes normally end up like Tom & Jerry cartoon shows..where both opponents prepare a dramatic assault on other…make a curious public show… try hard to confuse, beat and destroy other in comic sense..but never ever harming opponent seriously…lastly ending the episode just like Tom & Jerry characters.. meeting & eating ice creams and pastries together with smiles !!!

  2. says: Anil Chandel

    This is funny! lol.. 🙂

    Here are two veteran politicians going at each other, like kids! The matter is in the court and these two are engaging in trial via media.

    How does someone absolve themselves by making false accusations in the media?

    Mr. Virbhadra’s statements weren’t even worth reacting to. At least to me!

    Also, Mr. Dhumal is wrong to say that he didn’t need a certificate on the issue of alleged misrule by the current government. I think, every government needs this certificate and that too from every citizen and it comes in the form of votes, come next election.

    @Rajneesh ji – to your tom & jerry analogy, I would add that this episode is special, tom has a double role 😉

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