In Himachal, Pass Class X Without Sitting For Examination

Shimla: To reduce the students burden, Kapil Sibal ¬- the minister for human resource, has mooted doing away with Class X examinations, but some students in Himachal have devised a smarter way.

As many as 63 of them have passed the exam conducted by Dharmshala based Himachal Education Board even though they did not appear for it in March 2010.

OP Jamwal, ASP Dharamshala confirmed registration of a case in the matter.

He said that since the 63 students did not appear for the examinations at the allotted centers, but the board’s in-house preliminary investigation found all their answer sheets (numbering about 400), clearly there were indications of connivance in the matter.”

“Some students and board employees have been questioned but nobody has been detained so far,” he said.

It was an anonymous caller that led to discovery of this racket.

Sources revealed that the caller had rung up an officer of the board and let him know that one student had been declared pass even though he not appeared for the Class X examination.

The call altered the board officials who tabulated the examination attendance sheets of students at some centers and the number of students who have passed or failed at those centers.

To their surprise as many as 63 students, including girls had passed the exam even without reporting at the centers or being issued any answer sheets.

Prabhat Sharma, secretary of the board, immediately sounded the police and got a case registered.
The investigating officers are suspecting an organized gang was operating, with active involvement of examination invigilators and board employees and the racket could be larger.

The nine centers from where students passing without sitting for the requisite examination have surfaced are the boys and girls examination center at Nagrota Bagwain, Rajiana, Kholi, Kachyari, Kangra, Matoor, Thiara, Dalhaid in Una district and one center in Bilaspur district.

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  1. says: Anil Chandel

    Corruption, Corruption, Corruption!

    There is no shortcut to success, folks!

    Thanks to the tipster for alerting the appropriate authorities. Lets see what comes out of the investigation. This is an example of a citizen who saw that as his/her duty to report wrongdoing and did so.

    We all, as citizens need to be more congnizant of issues and challenges that our state and communities at large face and be active, highlight the issues and help with eradicating such evils.

  2. says: Des Kashyap

    Jai ho Himachal. Such a small state..such a peaceful state …such a beautiful state….but corruption…. I wish one day the state rises above all this and gets into a path of speedy development.

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