Stop privatization of higher education in Himachal – CPI(M)

Shimla: In opposition to privatisation of higher education by permitting opening of many private universities, Communist Party of India (Marxist) plans to launch a state wide agitation and intends to knock the doors of the court for containing the government’s plans.

“Rampant privatisation of higher education has severely undermined the creditability of the entire education system in the state,” says Tikender Panwar, a CPI(M) leader.

The party has stated that Chitkara University, one of new private universities in the state, held its admission counseling at Chandigarh so as to avoid a fair and transparent process on the campus.

Shortcomings have surfaced in the functioning of Manav Bharti University and yet the government has failed to take stern action against the promoters of the institution, says Panwar.

Admission process at the first counselling at EIET University Baddi which was recently upgraded from a college to a university only proved that money making was prime motive of the private institution, he added.

Far from making the state a hub of higher education, privatisation of the education has only facilitated transfer of land to promoters who otherwise are restricted from buying land in Himachal, the party said.

To stop privatisation of higher education, CPI(M) will launch a state wide agitation and even knock the doors of the High Court to put a check on the government, said Panwar.

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  1. says: Dinesh

    Dear Tikender Panwar,
    If am not wrong you are aware of what had been happened in H.P.U., your party SFI, 57 students had been arrested. And it has been not happened first time in H.P.U. Every year this happens, what you party had done there. If even you can’t make peace in H.P.U. Don’t say this is only way……..atleat or i will say your party is also lacking in visions and thoughts. I think there is difference between CPI and Moisists.

    After reading this type of news every year, who will come there for education. Remember parents of H.P. are not illiterate, they are reading and watching everything. Which parents will send their sons and daughter for study in H.P.

    Privatization means, lesser no. of students will come for study in H.P.U., so lesser no of students you will get for your party. Because in private colleges politics are not allowed. Instead to going to high court for privatization, go to court for making politics necessary for every private colleges.

    Mr. Panwar, first clean your house after that start blaming others. Go to Hostiptals and jail and try to find out how many no. of your party students admitted in hospital and get jail in last 5 years. I am sure it will be more than thousand. Go to their home and talk to their parents, you will get your answer and also check status of all of them. H.P.U. is not a A or A+ grade university, every year its losing its standard. Please stop doing these type of cheap politics.

  2. The government institutions world over are not working so good but the political institutions are effecting the educations to the students by promoting the culture of arrogant cultures who are in the campus to see the political agenda is there so they can be used to the purpose of set the party goals in the their interests. But alas all the governments wow down to the party pressures and take passing clouds.
    Only in the USA there is no political campus to promote the political agenda.
    Why we should not learn from them.
    The Congress or BJP or CPI you name all the parties do this dirty political job in the same manners.
    It is good for the students to keep away from such dirty tricks and start the education in their interest.
    My advice to students to keep away from all the political parties.
    Study your courses and you will see the future is bright for you.

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