Price Hike Shutdown Throws Life Out of Gear In Himachal

Shimla: Normal life was hit across the state as the separate bandh calls by BJP and CPI (M) over petro price hike affected traffic, schools, offices – both government and private ones, and with markets remaining shut for the day, businesses took a beating.

Road traffic in Solan, Bilaspur, Kangra, Mandi, Una, Hamirpur, Kullu, Manali and other towns was disrupted. On the Shimla-Kinnaur highway traffic was disrupted at Theog and at Bhawanagar.

CPI (M) protesters even disrupted rail traffic by stopping the Kalka-Shimla train at Summer Hill station.

At BJP call, most Beopar Mandals enforced a shutdown of most markets in the districts.

Inspector General (law and order) SR Mardi said, “the bandh passed of peacefully as there was no violence or untoward incidence recorded in any part of the state.”

“Traffic was partially disrupted in some places but with the police’s active intervention, was soon resumed,” he added.

“The Queen’s Baton Relay reached Shimla unhindered by any traffic disruption on the Kangra – Shimla route,” said Mardi.

Markets in Shimla had their shutters down for the day, to avoid commuting inconvenience for students most private schools declared an unscheduled holiday and with road blocks set up in the wee hours, traffic was disrupted that forced even chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal to walk down in rain to office from his residence.

The cities milk supply was affected as some transporters simply refused to risk supplying it unto retail vendors under uncertain traffic conditions.

With public transport remaining off the road, many officer goers who had to log in on time at the state secretariat that recently has installed biometric machines, reported late for work.

“The overwhelming response to the Bandh is an expression of anger against the UPA governments polices and it should give up its obstinate stand and roll back petro prices,” says Tikender Panwar, a CPI (M) leader.

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  1. says: A.Minhas

    My name is dr akshay minhas and i am working for State govt. as a medical officer.I just wanted to ask 1 question from these politicians through your medium.Today i have an evidence date with fast track court in which i have to give my opinion about a gang rape with a lady . when i was traveling my car was stopped and asked to wait .Firstly i got angry but then i called the police in concern that i want be able to reach court to give my opinion but after half an hour i realized that if i will not reach then it will be adjourned till further date so i decided to take another way , i parked my car around 5 km back and i started walking , i reached the court and i found that no one is able to make it to court . Judge was residing near he reached at 10:40am and but no one else.we waited till 12.45 pm and finally judge asked to call everyone who is present and testify who have come or not .but my whole effort went on without fruit because unfortunately next date to be provided and again all have to come if will be called.They gave me attendance and i left .I went back i started my car and filled the tank of 1200 rs petrol.Now i am gonna put these documents in front of my boss to refund my money which i spent.while coming back i saw that peoples were carried on there back to hospital , i felt so pretty but out of reach to do again i have to go to testify and again govt. will pay my expanses , so i just want to ask these peoples from where govt. is paying my pay and expanses ?is govt. is heaving some jadu ka chirag as u just say provide 10 crore rs , govt. takes from us and return us in either give in one hand and you take in another hand.more than 3000 cr are in loss today , govt. will ask the tax paying peoples to full it and how they will do u better know .The girl who is suffering from rape charges is below poverty line and peoples those who are accused are also below poverty line.they again have to come and pay the lawyers there fees can they explain that how this band helped the poor man for whom they are protesting.I have lived 7 years in foreign country and have seen lot of protests but i never saw road is blocked , public properties are vandalized. no one is saying that you don’t protest but you should keep in mind that but i am doing is hurting some one?if yes than no one will agree that you are RIGHT.

    With regards
    Dr.Akshay Minhas

  2. says: Vineet Vaidya

    Dr. Minhas has a very valid point, and this is a case that has concerned one and all for a very long time.
    Civil Disobedience was a tool that our freedom fighters utilised successfully, but in independent India…it is a concern when we affect the normal day to day life.
    The price hike is affecting all of us….it has to be showcased to the Govt. (any opposition party would do that irrespective of BJP or Congress). How is it done…am not sure very many actions could answer that?
    It remains a dilemma….and am sure it requires a solution…but where and when is that solution devised…no one knows

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