Himachal High Court Adjourns Aman Kachroo Murder Accused Bail Hearing Till Monday

Shimla: After having fast tracked on Thursday, the issue of bail being granted to four medical students in the Aman Kachroo’s death allegedly caused by ragging case by a trial court, the Himachal High Court today adjourned the matter and posted it for Monday.

Based on media reports, High Court Judge DD Sud on Thursday in a suo motto action had expressly got notices served on the accused Ajay Verma, Naveen Verma, Abhinav Verma and Mukul Sharma through SP Kangra seeking their presence in the High Court on Saturday to consider why their bail should not be canceled.

In response to a My Himachal query, advocate general RK Bawa said that we did let the court know that we were prepared to argue the case right away as even one day was important, however the court relented to the defendants argument that they had not been provided a set of documents on which a defense could be put up.

After spending 16 months in jail, since March 2009, the four medicos’s accused of brutal ragging were granted bail by a fast track court at Dharmshala on 17th July.

Separately the trail court at Dharmshala did take up the government’s application seeking cancellation of bail to the accused on Friday and has posted the matter for 2 August.

District court prosecutor at Dharamshala, RK Kaushal, over phone said that the trial court granted the accused time till 2 August for consideration and to file reply in the application moved for bail cancellation.

Sources disclosed that the trial court while granting bail had taken into account that all material evidence and most witnesses had been examined and the remaining 21 witnesses needing to be examined, were all government officers who could not be influenced by the defendants.

Aman Kachroo, a 19 year old fresher at Rajendra Prasad Medical College at Tanda in Kangra district had died on 8 March, 2009, after allegedly having succumbed to injuries sustained by ragging by the four final year students.

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  1. says: A.Minhas

    well there is a lot said about this case but few points which never were out in media i would like to highlight.

    I am also a doctor but graduated from a foreign university where i never heard the word raging . its only in Asian countries . My schooling is from sainik school where its the part and partial of life and i think this ragging took out the fear out of me , so i can face the challenges more boldly . We were use to get physical exercise more but we were not thrashed unnecessarily.

    Few docs of tanda who were studying with them are working with me. I asked but happened really . One of them who was present there also he said when you do something wrong in Tanda college who well get punishment either you will be kicked in back or either you will be slapped .
    Aman kachrro along with others were slapped , according all other tanda guys its normal but none of seniors was aware that he is suffering from wpw syndrome which means a extra cardiac impulse is generated in hi heart for which he was taking treatment.if you get frightened for something your heart start beating fast usually , but in this case your heart start beating fast and without a rhythm , once the heart lost the rhythm it can cause massive damage.

    another point when aman kachroo was being taken from the hospital from hospital he was dropped from the stair cases by the guys who were carrying him because he was very fat guy , so i think if you have such complications you are in dangered of life …

    so most of the docs realize that his wpw syndrome and when he fell from the stair cases leads to his death ….rest whats written in the report i don’t know …but Life is Life…

  2. It is the sad story. The high official did know the facts. They are not opening their voice. The ragging in the colleges in India is done by the senior students.The juniors are afraid of this phenomena created by the political party associated with the students unions. The unions are formed on the political back grounds. As the main aims of the politics in the Universities are connected to the high officials. The Principals of the colleges are afraid to take action against the unions bosses. The students are not study the courses but they are more interested in politics agenda granted for the benefits for the political parties. I wanted to say that student should study their courses not the politics in the colleges.
    Mr. Minhas , you went to sainik school education system. But I say to you if you see the NDA Kharagebashala , near Poona . It is the same ragging there. The students are not different from the other colleges in India.
    I have also studies in United States of America, where I have not heard of ragging either. The students are free to talk politics but not interested in their agenda. The ” Mens Rea ” is very different.
    The age groups also matter most. I have seen some Indian students who are in enrollments of the Universities more then 25 years of age. They are there for the educations. I have seen in the USA the students are in 55 years of age to earn their learn their education.
    Let the colleges give good educations to its students, but political groups should not be formed.

  3. says: Vishal

    Well i would like to point out to the myhimachal that please carrry out proper deligence when you post stuff on website ….other than few tits and bits which are based on media reports ..the major one is that students accused in this case are not final Year student but 2nd year …

  4. says: Thakur Vishal

    Hope and firm Belief that Honourable court won’t criminalise these hard working Students who are caught in the web of things.
    And in all these why court is not asking Media to practise some self restraint and self regulating themselves.??
    Why Media is allowed to give judgement and polarise the mind of common people in India.??
    Isn’t it the way these Guys depicted Tanda college as if it was mideveal college of Savagery.?
    And i guess they have successfully manged to paint that picture ?May be some of us already Believe that students were carrying Guns and Knives and had nothing else to do ?
    Why None of the big names in medical (Himacahal and India )backing the other side of the story and showing faith in the system i.e things are not that bad and why in this country which can’t have single party government but these Media bosses manage to show that everyone have same view on this.?
    I hope Media won’t be able to put pressure on judiciary to give verdict as it has already proved the kind of charges framed on them.?
    I guess no body wants to open can of Worm
    There are so many cases of Ragging or bullying in the colleges academies and defence Forces.?
    There has been so many cases army freshers have ran away for various reasons /?
    What about PG Students in India ..???? Kind of things they go through is Appalling ……………
    Whats the difference between Ragging and Bullying . Both involve Physical abuse and some of us will agree that emotional torture is more dangerous than Physical.
    In the end i want to stress these are fine Young Boys who have hardly seen the world and not lived beyond the cocoon of their parents and friends so Don’t Destroy Them and their Career…

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